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Traditional Services

Traditional funeral services are the most common service that families choose, whether they take place prior to burial, entombment, or cremation. The benefits of the funeral service ritual include providing a social support system for the bereaved, providing an environment for expressing pain, reaffirming one’s relationship with the person who died, and providing a time to say good-bye. This type of service generally includes a public viewing or visitation followed by a funeral service conducted by a member of the clergy or other person chosen by the family. Many times family members or close friends take part in the service by giving a reading, singing or assisting the clergy.

traditional funeral service

Traditional services may include the following that we would assist with.

  • Arrangement services of funeral director and staff

  • Embalming and other preparation of the deceased

  • Hearse, limousine, flower vehicle

  • Use of facilities, staff and equipment

  • Casket, Vault, urn

  • Stationary such as: prayer cards, acknowledgement cards, register book

  • Video Memory DVD’s and photo displays

  • Death notice or obituary

  • Veteran Services

  • Church

  • Cemetery

  • Assistance with Veterans, Social Security, Welfare and Insurance filings

  • Flowers

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